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Vehicle Control Systems

Perimeter Alarm Systems

Custom built wheeled/tracked vehicles

Firing Range Targets. Intelligent behaviour e.g. autonomous paint ball turret

 Vehicle Control Systems. Modules: drive/transmission control, manipulator control, C2 radio communications interface, telemetry & data logging, firing release, pan/tilt/zoom camera control, general purpose analogue and digital IO, security, analogue video multiplexor & switching, power control, hand-held remote controller, kinematic manipulator control, audio communications interface, fibre optic communications interface, ultrasonic range detection

 Demonstrators – 4 wheeled vehicle, Mk7 
Perimeter Alarm Systems
Custombuilt wheeled/tracked vehicles, from 50kg to 2 tonnes in weight, using a mix of our own control module and of the shelf components
Firing Range Targets, intelligent behaviour e.g. autonomous paint ball turret