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RM-Terex ZZ3

The RM-Terex ZZ3 is a tracked amphibious vehicle; its amazing mobility initially attracted us to it and we investigated further by contacting, then visiting Specialist Vehicle Trading (who were potential importors of the vehicle). Having jointly identified several opportunities for a drive-by-wire and remote controlled variant of this platform (as well as acquiring some interested customers) we set about integrating our advanced tele-operation architecture into the vehicle with the goal of demonstrating the remote platform and a drive-by-wire system within an aggressive project time of only 3 months.
With the vehicles based in Norfolk, 130 miles away from our base facility, initial vehicle inspection and integration work had to be carefully managed, especially as interface documentation was not forthcoming from the manufacturer. We were further constrained with the requirement not to modify any vehicle components (the vehicle should be easily and quickly swapped between remote and manual controlling modes). Following the initial visit a suitable architecture was developed using three existing modules and one custom interface module, and a strategy proposed using existing control hardware. This system was then prototyped and assembled away from the vehicle; details and drawings of the mechanical components to be used were sent to SVT who arranged for the necessary bracketry and parts to be made locally.
Vehicle integration and primary testing occurred over only three days. On the first day the mechanical and electrical systems were mated and initially configured, albeit with a fault with the engine interface. Despite this the vehicle was driving through the new control system, giving us valuable control feedback. By day two a modified interface had been prototyped and was successfully integrated, and the vehicle was driving remotely, proving out the system components and control strategy. Day three saw the implementation of 4-channel video and the vehicle was driven remotely purely on video images.
ZZ3 EM show 2012 Following the conclusion of this project the vehicle was demonstrated successfully to the public by SVT at the Emergency Services Show 2012 (Stoneleigh Park). Remote control of a vehicle of this type and size has, to our knowledge, never been done before and the data generated on how best to control the vehicle, both in terms of vehicle steering and dynamics and the necessary user interaction is invaluable for future projects.
The project could not have been achieved without the excellent support and assistance given by SVT and it has been a pleasure to work with them